Friday, 16 March 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 16 March 2018 - Friday Smiles

Hello everyone, How are you today? Are you smiling? I am. To prepare this blog I was looking at 'funnies' on Pinterest and couldn't stop looking and couldn't stop laughing either. Hubbie was getting worried and wanted to know why I was crying! (with laughter, I should add).

But seriously, this is Friday smiles where I tell you the good bits of my week. I am retired and that means I am a very busy person. But i keep Thursdays as my 'play day'. I do crafting mostly and hubby lights the fire in my hobby room and I plan something easy for dinner and you don't see me all day. I play.
Yesterday I didn't play, but I 'worked'. I painted an old table with Annie Sloan chalk paint. 
Wonderful stuff that. You don't need to prepare the Wood and one pot goes a very long way. I first used a coat of white

Not because it needs an undercoat, but because I want to 'distress' it so that the white comes through.

I will show you the finished article next week.

These are the fridge magnets on my fridge. Have you got some on your fridge? Why not take a picture of them and tell us a bit about them. I'll tell you about some of them next week. For now I'll share the following:

We do like our food and I love cooking, so sometimes (like now) it is time for a diet and some healthy eating. (like now). I've lost a kilo so far.

No, I haven't forgotten my postcards. Here is a smile for you: A handsome young man from Lapland.

 I love his outfit. The trim, the silver buckle, the gloves and those furry shoes. The card was sent to me from Finland by Pirjo and he used some nice stamps. The one with the little girl is an Easter stamp.
 This lovely lady comes from Poland.
It is the Polish actress Beata Tyszkiewicz when she was young. The stamps satisfies my longing for spring as they have flowers on them.
Now for some funnies/cuties:

Today I am joining Annie at A Stitch In Time and Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday.

See you there.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 13 March 2018 - T for wine again, Switzerland and Ladybirds

Hello lovely people. Here we are again on Tuesday. The week flies by so fast.

Let me start with T for Tuesday, the T-party hosted by Elizabeth and Bluebeard at Altered Book Lover. The idea is to have a drink or anything drink related in the blog post.
On Friday evening we often go out with our friends. This time we went to a newly opened eatery. We arrived at 9ish and the place was empty. 
We were the first customers. People eat late in Spain and at 10 pm all of a sudden, the place was absolutely packed!

Here is hubby with  my friend after we had ordered, but the drinks had not yet arrived.
Her husband spotted someone he knew at the bar and went over to chat and I then quickly photographed the other side of the restaurant before the hordes would arrive.

I really liked the lamps (made of bottles). Good idea or what?

Then the food and drinks arrived and I completely forgot to take any pictures!  So I'll have to think of something else.

This photo was taken at Sunday lunch time. We were unexpectedly invited to have lunch with a couple from church. They themelves don't drink at all but they know that we drink wine with our meal so they had gotten wine especially for us.  So kind. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I was on a diet. More so becaue the food was so nice. 
In the photo you see only the first course: a salad, croquettes and Serano ham.

Yes, I have done some more scrapbooking on Thursday. This is one of the lay-outs I did. It is my little grandson and his daddy.
Now, before I forget: here are my postcards for today.  This one got sent to me from the UK. It shows the front of a Ladybird book from 1973.

I remember Ladybird books from my childhood but I don't know this one from 1973 as I was an adult by then.
The stamps are lovely. Just a shame someone (the post office?) has cancelled the stamps with a ball point.
The next one comes from Switzerland. It was sent by someone called Thomas. He tells me he lives with his wife (who is a piano teacher at the local grammer school) in Spiez. 
The card is an old travel poster from 1937 designed by Otto Baumberger and comes from the poster collection of the Zurich Museum of design. I really love it and would be happy to have this hanging on my wall.
The stamps are beautiful. The one on the right is about Postcrossing (which is what I do to get all these postcard).

That's all from me this Tuesday. wishing everyone a good week, and see you at the T-Party!
Happy T-Day,

Friday, 9 March 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 9 March 2018 - Friday Smiles

Good Morning everyone! Sorry I'm late this morning. I should have prepared this last night. But stuff got in the way....

As it was International Women's Day yesterday, so my postcards are from my own archive and are all about women: Thin or fat,

Young or old,

From different parts of the world,

We are all women and we can be strong if we choose to be,

The diet is going well and my smile for this week is that I have lost weight. 1 kilo in total. I'm very happy with that, because if I lose weight a lot to start with it won't stay off. A Little each week is best.
As I am also wheatfree (trying to), I baked some corn bread the other day. It was supposed to have

poppy seeds in it but I grabbed the wrong bag and it has ghia seeds in it. Oh well... Tasted OK though.

A lot of smiles for me this week were about the groundfloor flat my hubby is building. It is nearing its completion. The utility room has been tiled and we decided to put the freezer in it already. The freezer up until now had lived in the derelict cave next door and every time I needed something out of the freezer I had to wade through the rubble and dust.

There it is! The sink has not been put in yet but you can see the connection are ready. Of course we had to defrost the freezer and then wash it and the drawers.
 A job I don't particularly like, but it has to be done. Then all the foods have to go back in as soon as posible.
Also this week, hubby has put the lamps up. Little Wall lights and a central fan.
 Then my Dutch lamp above the (as yet non existing) table.

Also this week I have done some more scrapbooking.

 This is my Little grandson Luciano. The journaling reads:"This new snow suit feels strange, and going out in the snow for the first time is a bit scary".
 Here he is again eating his favorite food: pizza. They get it at the local Baker and he'll eat a whole one given half the chance.

Next is something I am not smiling about but I wanted to show you anyway. My 'new' camera has a fault and i cannot use it.
 I have cleaned the contacts of course. I have tried to use it with a friends' lense and it seems to work then. I have contacted the vendor (I bought it secondhand) and he feels very bad about it as he insists he sold it in good faith. He immediately offered to give me my money back.  So there, you see, it has turned into a smile!
I will probably take him up on that. (even though it is a 200 mile round trip).

It has turned out to be a long photo heavy post. I hope you don't mind. Have a great weekend and a good week ahead,
Stay safe
And here are some funnies:

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 6 March 2018 - T for dolls, royalty, and naughty wine

Hello peeps,
How are you all? Here I am with another blog post from the cave. It's cold and stormy outside and snow is predicted during the coming night. But we have a log fire burning and feel very safe and cosy in our cave house.

Lets start with showing you some postcards. I received this one from the Ukraine:


They are traditional folk dolls called 'motanka'. 
This is the info I found on these dolls:
The motanka doll is one of the most ancient handmade items in Ukrainian household. Initially fashioned as a domestic symbol of fertility and household guardians, these dolls played an important role in the everyday life of Ukrainians in the old days. While still in use today, the tradition has become more concerned with style and décor than anything ritualistic.
The main peculiarity of the doll is that it should be faceless, often with cross on head. It used to be made of any pieces of fabric that could be found at home. Craftsmen draw no faces (no eyes, nose, mouth) to let small children develop their imagination and think of the doll`s emotions while playing with the doll. According to the ancient popular beliefs, the face inspired a soul in a doll. The soul can be good or bad, so it was safer not to give a soul to the doll at all than to risk giving a bad one. Ukrainians used to believe that the doll would take away the illness from children. It was also believed that motanka protects the house from evil spirits and ghosts.

Here are a few close-up photos I found online:

I can see these becoming collectors items. They are very pretty, don't you think?

And this is the Ukrainian stamp. The image is of an olive leaf plus a few olives.

My next card is royalty, (looking very bored). It comes from Russia and is in fact the future emperor Nicholas II with  his bride Alice of Hesse in 1894.

Just look at her waist. That must have been a very tight corset! 

The stamps are lovely. The one on the right is a 'Happy New Year' wish from the Kremlin in Moscow.  And the left one is about the World Exhibition of Postal Stamps in St Petersburg in 2007. As for me, I think it looks like a Blue Peter Badge (the Brits among us will know what I mean).

Last week I told you I was on a diet. So you will be expecting a glass of water. Well, I must confess I have been naughty last week. We went out for lunch and I had a glass of white wine.
The soup is a cold soup called salmorejo. The little bits you can see are Serrano ham, with shredded boiled egg in the middle. Hubby is having chicken soup. 
Needless to say I didn't lose any weight this week....

Now, I have been scrapboking again. This is what I made:

This was my mum's 92nd birthday. And below is a photo of me and my mum having tea.
Both my naughty glas of wine and the above photo will qualify me to join the T-party organised by Elizabeth and Bluebeard at Alteredbooklover.
I hope to see you all there!

Bye for now,

Have a good week,


Friday, 2 March 2018

Second on the second - A repeated blogpost from years ago

Hi, (my Friday Smiles blogpost is the previous one.) 

In this one I'm joining Elisabeth and Bluebeard for an old blogpost from years back. This was my first ever blogpost in March 2014:

New scrap room in the cave

Hello, I'm Cavewoman (yes, I live in a cave house..), 
This is my first ever blog, so bare with me... 
I’d like to blog about the scrapbooking I do, and about living in a cave house. 
My DH has recently built me a super scrap room in our cave house. It has room for all my stash and a large work table. I went slightly mad and chose soft pink tiles on the shelving. But they’re not so visible as there’s so much stuff!
I’m really pleased how it’s turned out. Here are some photos. Thanks for looking.

I'm interested to see what you all have to share from your old favorites.
See you!